exclusive chandelier by Lasvit

Appropriate lighting planning at home is extremely important, as light not only distracts the darkness, but also provides the right atmosphere and affects our well-being. For this reason, the type, location and color of our lighting should be very well thought out when arranging interiors. One of the most interesting brands creating home lightinig is Lasvit. Light made by Lasvit can help at work or with homework by children, build a room climate or simply perform a purely decorative function.

How to use Lasvit lighting

When planning the lighting of a given interior, we need to take into account the needs of residents and their lifestyle, as well as access to natural light and location of the room in relation to the world. The most important influence on the layout of lighting in a given room is primarily the area, number and arrangement of windows. A well-lit room will need much less light than a darkened bedroom, a dressing room or a garage. The less access to natural light, the more light sources we should plan. Proper placement of Lasvit light points will visually enlarge the space, emphasizing selected places and hiding unwanted defects. Optical elongation will also be guaranteed by adequately illuminated vertical wall divisions in the form of columns or pillars.

Lighting should be planned already at the initial stage of finishing the flat. Using the visual properties of light in a deliberate way, we will change the appearance of the interior, and also identify spaces adapted to the activities performed in them. It is worth remembering that both the right mood and the presentation of the other arrangement details depend on the lighting.