There is no second room in the house that would require as diverse lighting as the living room. We use all types of lamps here: ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps. The light must be planned so that you can use different light sources independently. One switch off, other switch on. Living room lighting must fulfill three functions: first, illuminate well, that is, light up the entire room and precisely illuminate the individual zones. Second, decorate, or build a mood. Thirdly, highlight some items of equipment, for example, illuminate the picture.

The lamp is suspended from the ceiling or built into the ceiling. Its basic task is to provide good living room lighting. In high rooms you can use a large and decorative chandelier, in the low-flat one it is better to use a flat ceiling. Regardless of the model, the shade can not be lower than 200 cm from the floor, because this distance guarantees a free passage under the lamp. The ceiling lamp can be lit up or down. When choosing a model shining up, the ceiling should be painted white, it will work like a large screen, it will reflect and thus multiply the light.

The ceiling lamp is best mounted in the center of the ceiling, so that it evenly illuminates the whole room. However, if the living room has a complicated shape, you can choose two or three light spots that will illuminate the individual zones.

When choosing a lamp for our room, it is worth choosing modern models. The Bomma ( brand is ideally suited to the interior. More and more people are choosing to buy a luxury Bomma brand, because it is thanks to it that you can radically change any interior.