Each well-arranged interior is complemented by carefully selected accessories. Although it may seem that it is a simple matter, it is the additions that can determine the final effect. If you order a project from an interior architect or buy a ready interior design, it is worth checking if the offer also includes the selection of accessories. If you want to choose the finishing elements yourself, and you are not sure if they will fit inside, please use the following tips.

Suitable additions to the interior – Vanessa Mitrani

Additives can completely change the style of the room. If you have a neutral interior and you think that there is no expression in it, check how on the basis of one of our arrangements you can influence the final climate of the interior. Remember to define the style, colors and groups of materials in the beginning where the accessories should be chosen. If you prefer to mix styles, it’s best to choose a theme. By choosing elements in this way, you can achieve amazing results.

Proper exposure of additives

When decorating the apartment, remember to leave a few places that will only serve to display additions. If there is not enough space in your interior, use open shelves or unprotected window sills, an interesting solution is also to install a narrow shelf behind the sofa, which can be used not only as an element for displaying decorations, but also as a place to mount home cinema speakers. If you do not have space for displaying decorations, think about whether there is room on the walls for adding small shelves with pictures and other small items.

A very important element to complement each interior are images, graphics and photos. Even minimalist interiors look good when accessories are hung on the walls, so try not to leave too many empty walls. Images and photos decorate with matching interior frames.

Deciding to buy various types of interior accessories, it is worth buying them in a reputable store. High-quality interior accessories, such as those found in the Vanessa Mitrani store, will certainly please everyone, even the most demanding customers. In addition, they are very durable and solid products.