The salon is the place where we spend most of our time. Tired after work, we want to relax and rest. That is why it is important that the furniture in the salon suit us both in terms of functionality and comfort as well as aesthetics. Rest furniture should also be practical and easy to maintain.

The ideal solution is to combine the functionality with the aesthetics that suits us. When choosing bright furniture it is worth remembering that they are susceptible to dirt, so pay attention to the upholstery. The upholstery of the Stephen Kenn sofa ( plays an important role. Ideally, it is made of a fabric resistant to dirt and stains. The most popular upholstered furniture for the living room are natural leather, eco leather and textile material. Natural Stephen Kenn leather sofa certainly provides comfort of use. Ecological leather upholstery is certainly much cheaper than leather upholstery, but the durability of the artificial is definitely lower. In addition, artificial leather does not provide good ventilation.

The upholstery made of textile material always had many followers. It is primarily inexpensive, resistant to dirt. Deciding on this type of upholstery sofas and furniture for the living room, we have a much greater choice when it comes to the pattern or type of fabric.